Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 186: It's been 6 Months and 3 Days ...

Yep, we just gone past the halfway mark of a year since site start.  186 days to be exact.  And we were so hoping that by now we would have been well into the fixing stage of our build.  Not so, unfortunately.  But I can't complain, though, it's been pushing along quite nicely, albeit, slowly at times.  And it had its moments.

Nothing much outside, but ... it's all happening inside

Just today I thought I might drive by the construction site (as I always do, really) on my way home from work.  Gates wide open, and the front door is open, too.  Man, these guys are hard-working, I'm thinking.  It's past 7:30pm, and because we're in the middle of summer, it felt like it was 4:30pm.  They must be trying to finish hanging the plasterboards.  I thought I would just stop by and say hello to the tradies.  Besides, I haven't been inside the house for about a month now, and now is my chance to see what's going on inside.  Would also be a good opportunity to have a yarn with the subbies without the boss (SM) around, and so I'm thinking.

Hellooo .... anybody on site?

No answer.

What the ...

I'm sure we had completed the lock-up stage, I've paid the bill, and we got broken into just after the lock-up completion and before the Christmas break!  And here I am, with the fence/gates wide open (you can bring in a truck) and the front entry door wide open, too, now standing inside the house, and no one's around?!?!

Have to call our SM straight away and tell him what's happening, that we're not happy with the situation ... yada ... yada ... yada ...

He's not answering his phone, so I just left him a message.

So, to cut this long story short ... I went in, looked around, looked at the tradies' artwork downstairs (not much really, for now, just a few plasterboards hung), went up the ladder (no stairs, yet), checked out if the sparkies have replaced the electrical cables (seems like it), few plasterboards hung, so far so good.

I thought I might just lock and close the front entry door behind me and close the fence/gates, too, on my way out.

I'll find out tomorrow, what my SM have to say.   He might say ... he purposely left the gate and front door open as he's expecting an early delivery tomorrow and the tradies don't have a key to the house :-)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We're back online ... Happy 2012 everyone!

(Source: We're Back - A Dinosaur Story, a film by Steven Spielberg)
Happy 2012 everyone!!!

Just saying that we're back online ... blogging ... after more than 3 weeks break.  It's not that we haven't been reading some of our favourite blogs, which, quite amazingly, have been quite active providing updates and insights on their respective builds and post-handover projects.  You (you know who you are) just keep the likes of us motivated and informed as we go through our build journey.  Thanks so much for the wealth of information, tips, insights, guides, humour and stories that you have shared for the past year(s).

On our build front, nothing much has happened since our builder went on a break.  We were so hoping that they would have re-commenced our build last week considering that they are a few weeks delayed as per their schedule.  But, I got to talk to our new Construction Manager (initials JP) late last week who was kind enough to call me and introduce himself as our new CM.  Apparently, our previous CM has moved on, but didn't elaborate further.  According to him, there was not that much activity last week (as far as our build is concerned, I guess) as M was working on a "skeleton" crew.  Most (if not all) tradies and subbies should be back this week.  I did get a call from my SM this afternoon to keep me up to date on what's going to happen this week.

So what's on this week?

  1. Electrical wirings/cablings to be re-done (cables ripped out by "copper traders" before Christmas) this Wednesday.
  2. Plastering to commence by Friday ... woohoo!!!
We're so looking forward to seeing those plaster boards hung.  We shall be posting more pics by then. Yes!

Also, we just can't help it, but we do need to let you know ...

For those planning on getting some new lounge, chairs, sofas, chaise lounge for their new family room or sitting room or, in our case, for our new guest/study bedroom (sorry, we're so thinking so far ahead), King Furniture is having some summer sale.  It's not quite huge discounts, just between 40% to 50% off.  And ... drum roll, please ... you can put in an order now (finishes 5th Feb) and take delivery after 6 months time.  Yes, after 6 months.  After June 2012.  It's like a pseudo-layby.  What's the catch?  Unfortunately, you have to put down a 50% deposit now.  But, hey, if you've been eyeing that nice leather chaise lounge for a while now (as we do), and you believe handover will be in 4-5 months time, and you're hoping that there will be a sale then ... there's one on now!!!

We so wanted this for ourselves.  It will really look good on our new home.  It's called the Baby Jasper ...

 Now, let's see how much is left behind in our post-handover budget ...