Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcome! It all starts here ...

Our journey (or dream of building a new home) actually begins quite a while back when we decided to buy an investment property out in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

This was no ordinary investment property as we have decided to build our home here one day, hopefully, with a couple of our kids running around, a couple of cars on the driveway, a bit of a backyard where the dog can run around and the kids, with their friends, having some fun time together.

We did say "One day...", right? Yes, that was ages ago. But before that "One Day" comes, we thought, we'll leave the newly bought house as is and rent it out. To our family. They just arrived from overseas then and our current house - a 3-bedroom unit, two in a block, was not big enough to accommodate us all.

Our family rented and looked after the house like their own. Everyone is happy. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months and months turned to years, our nephew and niece grew up, they went to school, my sister-in-law finally got her licence. Happy days.

And then one day, we decided to be more than a couple.  And years later we had the little one. A little one who's more than happy to sleep and play in her own room. The little one's happy "planking" in her own cot. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months ... from tummy to crawling, from crawling to walking, from dada to daddy, from mother's group to child care ... and the little one has grown ... running around ... talking a lot ... climbing furnitures ... asking a lot of questions - "Can I have a dog?"; "My friend has got a cubby house, can you build me one, too, daddy?"; "Can I get my friends to play with me in the backyard?" ... uh, what, sorry, whose backyard?

And that "One Day" came.

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