Sunday, June 26, 2011

The House that M Built

After trawling thru most of the display home centres that we can humanly go to, we have short-listed 2 house designs that we liked - the Nolan and the Laguna.  Both from M.

These home displays ticked all the boxes from our home criteria list.  See them for yourselves.  Especially the Nolan, almost all double-storey houses that we see being built by M is the Nolan.  Our favourite blog, the source of most of the insights and information about building with M, the one that kinda egged me on to start our own blog, built a Nolan.

See them for yourselves ...

The Nolan with Chateau Facade (Source:\melbourne)

The Laguna with Vogue Facade (Source:\melbourne)

Following are the corresponding floor plans.  You would notice that there is a common theme amongst all the houses that M built, specifically the layout.

The Nolan 45 (Source:\melbourne)

The Laguna 35 (Source:\melbourne)

We both really liked the Nolan 45, except that ... we both don't want a rumpus room or multimedia room (as other displays are showing).  Having it converted into a grand outdoor room (M option) gave us toooo much of an outdoor room.  And at 23.27 meters long that is already 2-3 meters too much out from a piece of land that we want to set aside for a "backyard".

The Laguna 35, I really liked it. The layout was just perfect for me. Nice, trim and tidy.  My wife wanted something (just a touch) more.  At the time that we were looking (October 2011), there was no Laguna 40 then. It could all have been a different story now.

So have we found what we want to build?

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