Saturday, June 18, 2011

Which Home Design

Now that we have kinda limited ourselves to only two volume builders, we can now concentrate on just looking at the display homes they offer, locally.

Picking a Home Design is not as easy as what we thought it would be.  Most especially if you're really in the process of building your own home.  We used to go to display home centres before this, just to dream. We just look, admire, wish and dream, and that's it, you go home after, throw those brochures away, and just forget about it.  "No strings attached".  If you're planning on building, there seems to be that thought - "what if there is something else better out there ...".

What kept us focused on what we want to see is to list down what are we after for our home, and we took it from there:

  1. Double-storey or Single-storey: {double-storey}
  2. Number of bedrooms: {3+}
  3. Number of toilets & bathrooms, ensuite: {1 ensuite, 1 family bathroom, 1 powder room}
  4. Double garage: {yes, with workshop extension}
  5. With study: {yes}
  6. Gourmet kitchen: {big with walk-in pantry and lots of cupboard space}
  7. Rumpus/Multimedia Room: {not really, preferred an open Family room, instead}
  8. Some backyard space: {to fit cubby house, trampoline, some play area for kids, etc}
There are other things that we never forgot to bring with us (not a chequebook, sorry), or at least, embedded on our minds:
We could have found the perfect home design, but if it didn't suit/fit our block size and taking our council's minimum setback requirement (7.6m) into consideration, it becomes a big disappointment.

Source: The Courier Mail

Search for the "perfect" home design continues.

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