Saturday, June 18, 2011

Which Builder - PD, M or GV?

We did have a look at several builders' display houses, some are good, and some are really good. But there's just so many. And we didn't have the luxury of time to go thru each and every one of them, unfortunately.

We thought we'll limit ourselves to a couple of builders - M and PD. It may just make it easier to choose the house we want.  Why M and PD?  No scientific formula here.  Sometimes it just comes down to an emotional feeling (gut feel, some say), or word-of-mouth, or friends' recommendations, or simply just first impressions.  But aside from just liking what you see, there's also that valuable first-hand experience, an insight, of others who've been there, done that, and who may or may not do it again. But which builder will actually provide some references and give it out freely without infringing ones privacy? That's where "Google" (or Bing, if you're a Microsoft tragic) really becomes your friend.

And while this is still fresh in my mind ... Let me take this opportunity to sincerely thank those people who unselfishly publish their building experiences on the web and provide their insights, valuable guidelines, tips and advice, their rants, and just by taking us thru the joys and travails of their building journey.  Some of these people I have included their blog addresses here (see Blogs I Follow). We're hoping that we can provide the same level of detail and information as they did.

What about GV? Couple of our friends went thru them, and we just thought we'll have a look of what they do. We went to one of their display homes in Glen Iris (they don't do many, and their displays are not commonly found on the display home centres or estates).  They are impressive.  But we thought long and hard - we could just be punching above our weight here.

So M or PD, it was.

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