Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our Old House

This is the original house. A 1960's brick-veneer house. It originally has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a small kitchen and living room with an open fireplace. I built the picket fence, together with my brother-in-law. My wife and I painted it. It took us at least 3 months (weekends only) to build this fence. I may not be able to make it then as a fence contractor.

The original house didn't have a garage. This detached single lock-up garage was built by the previous owner. It's got a workshop at the back, too.

Got this cubby house together with the house when we bought it. It's got a sandbox underneath. My nephew and niece never got to use it much or not at all as its been dilapidated and rickety.  There's a swing set, as well. All backyard features. Never had the chance to have it repaired. Bad landlord!!! :-).
The original house was extended by the previous owner to have a big family room and dining, extra bedroom, and a huge laundry with a second toilet and bathroom.  With polished floor boards, too.  Sad to say, large cracks were beginning to show throughout the house, with the ceiling showing signs of caving in. House looks to be structurally unsound after so many years. Would cost more to have it re-stumped, under-pinned, and re-wired. Thought will just have it demolished, instead, unfortunately.

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