Sunday, June 19, 2011

Searching for the "perfect house" ...

And so we looked "far and wide" for "the house" that we would like to build.

We originally started just looking at PD's display houses first. They came quite highly recommended, too, by friends in the know. I even downloaded their iPhone App just so I can look at the floor plans while on the train on my way to work. A number of the designs quite stood out better than the others, and we looked at two designs much more intently - the Cremorne and the Santana.

The Cremorne

The Santana
Four bedrooms, 2 toilet and baths, study room, powder room and double garage. Perfect. Right?

The Cremorne Floor Plan

The Santana Floor Plan
Until you actually go inside the display houses, look around, go into each room, sit down and imagine yourself that this is your house, on your block, go around the kitchen bench, go upstairs, look how big (or small, really) the rooms are, imagine your kids playing, you going to bed, enjoying the view from your bedroom balcony ... would you only realise that, yes, this is the "one".

And yet, you still think ... Could there still be something else "better than perfect" out there?

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