Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 186: It's been 6 Months and 3 Days ...

Yep, we just gone past the halfway mark of a year since site start.  186 days to be exact.  And we were so hoping that by now we would have been well into the fixing stage of our build.  Not so, unfortunately.  But I can't complain, though, it's been pushing along quite nicely, albeit, slowly at times.  And it had its moments.

Nothing much outside, but ... it's all happening inside

Just today I thought I might drive by the construction site (as I always do, really) on my way home from work.  Gates wide open, and the front door is open, too.  Man, these guys are hard-working, I'm thinking.  It's past 7:30pm, and because we're in the middle of summer, it felt like it was 4:30pm.  They must be trying to finish hanging the plasterboards.  I thought I would just stop by and say hello to the tradies.  Besides, I haven't been inside the house for about a month now, and now is my chance to see what's going on inside.  Would also be a good opportunity to have a yarn with the subbies without the boss (SM) around, and so I'm thinking.

Hellooo .... anybody on site?

No answer.

What the ...

I'm sure we had completed the lock-up stage, I've paid the bill, and we got broken into just after the lock-up completion and before the Christmas break!  And here I am, with the fence/gates wide open (you can bring in a truck) and the front entry door wide open, too, now standing inside the house, and no one's around?!?!

Have to call our SM straight away and tell him what's happening, that we're not happy with the situation ... yada ... yada ... yada ...

He's not answering his phone, so I just left him a message.

So, to cut this long story short ... I went in, looked around, looked at the tradies' artwork downstairs (not much really, for now, just a few plasterboards hung), went up the ladder (no stairs, yet), checked out if the sparkies have replaced the electrical cables (seems like it), few plasterboards hung, so far so good.

I thought I might just lock and close the front entry door behind me and close the fence/gates, too, on my way out.

I'll find out tomorrow, what my SM have to say.   He might say ... he purposely left the gate and front door open as he's expecting an early delivery tomorrow and the tradies don't have a key to the house :-)


  1. Hey Guys, I'll be interested in what your SM has to say as well. On occasion I've had the same experience with either gate or door open and both at open point. The upside is nothing went missing this time. Rgds Cam

  2. Interesting...If I rang SS and report like this he will have go at me that I am not allowed to go inside or passed the gate without him, and you have to book appointment with him to see him at the site, otherwise I am going to stop all the jobs.....I got very hard SS ....I am not impress and made a complained to HEad Office...

  3. Hi Cam, I called my SM again first this morning just to follow up on the message I left the night before. He didn't seem to be in his jolly mood, by the sound of his voice. He did mention that he called up the plastering company/sub-contractors to let them know that they should be locking up after they've done their work for the day. I drove by again earlier this evening coming home from work and the gates (and front door) seems to look locked shut this time.

    Re going inside the construction site, I got also the understanding (from my past SMs) that we're not allowed to be inside the site without the SM or without the SM's knowledge. I normally call him up beforehand if I feel the need to have a sticky beak. We also have a weekly catch-up on site just to know and see how things are progressing in person. Our SM is cool with this. Yesterday was an exception. It was past normal working hours (almost 8pm), gates wide open, and the front door entry is, too. Heck, I could have demanded that he come and close it :)

    I'll be catching up with him tomorrow on-site, wonder if he's going to tell me off :)

  4. we aren't allowed on site either without our site supervisor permission, but I go on there every day, no one would ever know I was there because I don't touch anything. I have a fortnightly meeting with our site super and he is pretty cool about. We have had tradies leave the gates open, and crossing the foot path, my neighbours must love me, I would of closed the gates at least a dozen times since the build start.

    I am surprised that you don't have stairs yet, mine went in last week. Maybe when everyone is back to work things will happen very quickly.

  5. Hi edscl,

    Our SM is quite ok with us visiting on-site. We do meet every week, so sometimes I don't find the need to go inside. Maybe once they start the fit-offs, cabinetry, tiling and flooring, it would be a different story.

    Stairs have been promised to go in next week. It was meant to be last week, but there were some delays from the stair builders. I'll post the pictures once we get one.