Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 107: We Got Cladding and Eaves Lining

After coming from two children's parties, and with the little one fast asleep, very tired, and slumped in her seat at the back of the car, we decided to pass by the new house being constructed on our way home.

And what a sight ... we got external cladding already done.  The eaves lining have been put up, as well.  It does really look we're getting close to lock-up.

Our SS has told us that he's going to get the painters to paint the external cladding and eaves lining next week while the scaffolding are still in place. He's also going to get the bricks cleaned and the windows washed, as well.  With the scaffold still up, he can't get the garage roof completed and that of the outdoor and dining room roof at the back of the house.  Hopefully, it can all be done in 2 weeks.  Once all the roofing have been done, and all the external doors installed ... "Lock-Up".  Yessss!!!

Here's a closer look of the eaves and external cladding ...

The external cladding is at the front, with a couple or more meters on the side and at the rear of the house, first floor only.
The external cladding will be painted Dulux Time Capsule.
The eaves lining will be painted with Dulux Beige Royal Quarter.

For a view of our colour selection, specifically our external paint colours, have a closer look here.  

Have a good day all.

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