Saturday, November 5, 2011

One Hundred+ Days Since Site Start!!!

Day 0

Day 100+
It's just been over one hundred days, yes, 100+ days (3 1/2 months, or 15 weeks ) since site start and what a sight to behold!!!

We haven't quite reached the completion of the "Lock-Up" Stage, though, yet, but we've been assured we're getting close.  Hopefully, in a fortnight, worst case - before Christmas.  I'm excited!

So what's expected to be done at the completion of the "Lock-Up" Stage?

According to the "My Metricon" website ...

"At lock-up stage, your home's bricks, external wall cladding, roof coverings and front and rear doors are installed."

Based on that statement, I'm hoping that the side doors (Laundry and Garage internal access doors) are installed, as well.

So after 100 days, what's been done, so far?

  • Slab
  • Wall Frame and Roof Trusses
  • Windows and Door Frames
  • Roof covering (including fascia and guttering), except for the roof coverings on the ground floor (garage, outdoor room and dining room at the rear).
  • Insulation (roof and wall insulation), except outdoor room and dining room (no roof covering, yet).
  • Brickwork is almost done.  Facade, balcony and garage brickwork are still pending.
  • Electrical wiring
  • Plumbing
  • and ... I had two independent building inspections done (Frame and Pre-Plaster).

I went nuts again taking photos.  I'm posting a few more photos here.

This is Day 100+ in Jon and Ron's Building a Home journey.


Front Door Entry
Guest/Study Room
Guest/Study Room Ensuite

Entry Hallway
Sitting Room
Pantry / Kitchen
Dining (roof covering still missing)
Island Bench plumbing and electrical wiring.
Also note the three circles drawn on the floor, light fittings will be installed just above them (on the ceiling). 
Family Room.
Again, drawings on the floor. P for power outlet, and circles for lights to be installed just above them.
Stairwell and under-stairs storage.
Leisure Room (we've gone upstairs already, just to let you know)
Main Bedroom
The Balcony
The Main Bedroom Ensuite.
The cavity door frame needs replacing.  They've installed it the other way around. The sliding door is meant to close to the left.  There is meant to be a wall on the left where the electrical wires drop.  We've provisioned for a wall to hold the ensuite light switches (installed inside), as well as a (ladder) towel rail.  You're not allowed to install electrical fixtures on a cavity (sliding door) wall.  Hence, the cavity wall should be at the right hand side (foot of the bath).
The Stairwell, as seen on the first floor.  We've asked our SS to provide more roof support for the light fixture at the top of the stairwell.  Planning on putting some light pendant here, or a chandelier, even ... maybe not, but just in case.
Rear view of the house, north side.
Rear view of the house, south side corner.

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