Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 204: Stairs and Cabinets are in

Had our meeting with our SM this morning on-site.  Man, what a pleasant surprise ...


The Island Bench (front view).  Ceasarstone benchtop with waterfall sides, yet to be installed.

The other side of the Island Bench with a space for an integrated dishwasher and a bank of 4 drawers.
We've had the standard space for the microwave moved to the appliance tower behind us.  Don't like bending over or squatting just to heat TV dinners or cook popcorn.

The stove top and underbench oven with overhead cupboards and appliance tower.
We're going to have a canopy rangehood installed above the stove top.
As per our previous post, the (3no) banks of 3 pot drawers (both side of the underbench oven and the appliance tower) were wrongly delivered and installed.  We've asked for (3no) banks of 2 pot drawers as per our original contract variation.  We've asked M to have this rectified.

The walk-thru (or butler's) pantry.  Keeping the same colour scheme as the kitchen.
There's a provision for a round sink to be installed on the bench.

Still on the butler's pantry, tall cupboards in lieu of the standard open shelves.
On the left, past the cavity slider, is the laundry, with overhead and underbench cupboards and a broom cabinet.
Same colour scheme (albeit, non-glossy) as the kitchen's.  

What would you do for that empty space above the refrigerator aside putting in a classy fruit basket with fake (plastic) fruit (lookalikes)?  Put in another cupboard.  We can't have enough cupboard space.  I could have put a wine rack/cabinet, instead.  Ummm, on second thought, maybe not.  Not sure about the heat generated by the refrigerator.


Ooops, except here.  Cabinetmaker left a note (on the wall) to have the waste pipe moved inside the kicker line.
This is the Powder Room.

The guest room ensuite.
Hmmm, is there meant to be a cutout there?  We asked for an above-counter wash basin here.  I better check.

The family bathroom upstairs.

The main bedroom ensuite.


Isn't that beautiful, I can't help but just stare ;-)
Stairs are all hardwood - steps and risers.  Would need to have it stained post handover.
Our SM recommended an oil-based stain, what do you reckon?

We can't justify to spend the money for glass panel balustrades (as displayed in most Metricon display houses).
Did't like the standard iron square balustrades, either.  Child safety issue.  They look like wide ladders.  Can't risk little ones (ours and playmates) use it for climbing.  So we opted for a more practical and safe stainless steel tubular balustrades, instead.  Toddler heads won't fit in-between those tubes, so we're told.

This is day 204 of our build journey.  How much longer til handover?  That's a million dollar question, that one.  Our SM joked that it could be another 7-8 weeks after completion of the Fixing stage scheduled end of next week.  Really?

Watch this space.

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  1. Love the blackened linewood cabinets it what we went for in our place too. Looks even better once you have a few stainless steel appliances in.