Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 208: To Brick or Not To Brick, can you help us decide?

Day 208 on the build journey, something was overlooked when the bricks were being laid and all because it wasn't obvious or even visible on the construction drawings.

Stated quite clearly in our contract is the provision of brickwork above the Family Room sliding door and Dining Room windows and sliding door in lieu of the standard (painted cement sheet).  Unfortunately, this is not quite clear on the construction drawings ...

Although, there was a note on the plans to "provide brickwork above external windows & doors & garage door opening" ...

The question is would you consider the sliding doors in the Outdoor Room as "external doors"?  Clearly not, as M3tr!c0n failed to provide the brickwork above the sliding doors ...

I do have a choice.  Should I then ...

  1. enforce what's stated in the contract, or 
  2. should I let it go and ask Metricon to credit us the amount we paid for the brick infills, or
  3. ask Metricon to provide stained KDHW lining boards in lieu of painted cement sheets, AND (as I paid an extra 1K for the brick infills) get M to provide additional stained KDHW lining boards for the ceiling of our front portico/verandah, or
  4. {fill in the blanks, your advice here}
To brick or not to brick.  What do you folks think?


  1. Hey Jon & Ron,
    We have a similar outdoor room / area and requested all areas above windows and doors to be bricked. They ahve been and it included the outdoor area windows and doors. So, for me M has made a mistake. It may be difficult to to have brick infills now but not impossible, so you could enforce the contract if you want. That said, from the pic above, it would probably look good with lining boards. Its their mistake so you should get a credit and they should pay for the lining boards - or enforce the contract which will cost them more. Really comes back to how good your SS is and the relationship you have built up with him. Best of luck.

  2. Same as Cam and Kirsten for us - we had 3 timber stacker doors leading out to our Outdoor Room and in the contract these were all to be bricked above. Which happened, and it looks neat.

    If I were in your position I would ask it to be corrected and bricked as per the contract. I really don't think it would be a big deal and they should be happy to do it.

    However if you're not too fussed, then stained lining boards would also look good, so really up to you.

    Keep us posted on how your negotiations go!

  3. Nice progress! Hard to tell by the photos, but are there reinforced steel lintels over the doors that would take the weight of bricks? I reckon some stained lining boards would look really nice there especially if stained the same as the doors (we have brick infills).


    1. There's currently no steel lintels over the doors. Just that internal beam that you can see above the sliding doors. Our SM told us that if we chose to have the brick infills, they would have to put the steel lintels in leaving a few centimeters gap in between the door and the lintel then lay the bricks about 2.5- to 3-bricks high above the sliding doors.

  4. They look like timber beams and as T&T said for bricks they would have used steel lintels. I think kdhw lined beams would look good and won't be subject to weathering as bad as if they were in an exposed area like the side of the house - pretty well protected in the outdoor room, so I don't think missing out on the brickwork is bad. Give M the option to put in the brick or credit you and line the beams for free. If they insist on cement sheeting I wouldn't accept it though (as I'm sure you wouldn't)!