Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 268: On the brighter side ... we got the driveway done

We want to put in more "Sparky having a bad day" stories, but I thought I'll just let it go for the meantime.  Besides, it's Easter week, we had a good break at Batemans Bay for the whole week last week, and ... it's back to school, back to work on Monday ... eh?  We must be "loco" or something ... but, we couldn't wait to come back to Melbourne just to see how our house build is progressing.  Did anyone else feel that way when they were building?

Anyways, what have been happening in our neck of the woods?


Electricians are still doing their work (2 weeks!!!).  Last time I looked, they have completed 95% of the job.  There are still a few bits and pieces missing - a few powerpoints, both internally and externally; a couple of powerpoints and switches that need to be fixed firmly to the wall; and my Number One bugbear - our main ensuite switches that are still located outside the main ensuite.  How many times do we have to tell the electricians that it's meant to be inside the ensuite!!!  Look at the electrical plans!!!  It's all very clear there!!!

But on a more positive note, a lot of other things have progressed, quite well as a matter of factly.  See for yourselves ...

Lights on, Lights off ...

Outdoor Room downlights have been installed (and so did to the rest of the house);
Wiring in the middle of the ceiling space to allow for a ceiling fan (no light) post-handover.

Stairwell lights ... Light up your way as you go up and go down the stairs.
2-way switch at the bottom and  the top of the stairs.
Not showing you the other (half) side of the stairs.  Yet, another issue with the electricians.

Standard light fittings (with light batten and cowl shades);
Walk-in / behind-the-bed Robe;
Will replace after handover with track lights or multi-directional halogen/led spotlights.

Heating Lamps (IXL-Tastic), fan and downlights in all bathrooms (upstairs only).

We chose standard light fittings for most lights upstairs (downstairs are mostly low voltage downlights);
We'll replace them all with "better-looking" light fixtures after handover;
Already gone to Beacon Lighting to have a look for some options (DIY and professionally-installed);
Any other places you would recommend?
Also looking at Matt Blatt for alternatives (pendants, lamps, etc).

All sorts of lights around the kitchen area.  Still looking for some nice pendant lights to put above the island kitchen bench.

Bathroom Taps, Shower Heads, Spouts and Mirrors

Guest Bedroom Ensuite

Main (ensuite) bathtub with a hob-mounted bath spout and a wall-mounted mixer.
Looks like a spa, sized like a spa, but it's not a spa bath.
Bath looks chunky relative to the size of the bath spout.  Could have (should have) chosen a better bath spout if we knew how chunky this bath is going to be.

Main ensuite with his-and-hers inset basin and large mirror, and a tad wider-than-normal shower recess with  a Dorf Jovian rail shower with overhead.

Did I say we got a driveway?  Yes, we have ...

Driveway's done, too.  Just last week.  When we were away.  Pleasant surprise.

Looks wide enough to accommodate 3 (actually 2.5) cars. 

We had this included in our contract with M3tr1c0n previously, but we asked the concreter to widen the entrance (to 3+ meters wide).  Will pay the concreter directly for the difference (with no M markup).
op guy, this concreter.  Highly recommended, ask me if you need his business number.  Looks like a family business, too.  Met his dad and mom at the site, yesterday.  Mom doing the measurements, Dad cutting the concrete.

And wait ... there's more ...

Done by the same concreter - concrete pathway on the side of the house (utility/service area).  Outside the contract with M, but cleared with our Site Manager to allow for the hot water system to be installed on a solid, leveled, concrete base.  No need for M to put a slab under the hot water tank to stand on when they have it installed.  This was actually a brilliant suggestion from our SM himself.  I should also not fail to mention that the concreter also sub-contracts for M.
and that's my shadow with a Gumby-like leg; I was wearing some baggy shorts, for crying out loud)    

And ... my horizontal kitchen window sill has finally been bricked-in ... thank goodness for that.

This is Day 268 of our "knockdown-and-rebuild" project.  How much longer?  I don't know.


  1. The driveway looks fantastic! What material is it called?

    I purchased our pendants from here:

    but I also looked a fair bit on these:

    1. Thanks, Mel. We shall be looking at those sites right away.

      The driveway is just coloured stamped concrete. They use Fauxtex for the bluestone colouring with a charcoal release agent. The pattern is called walkway slate.

  2. Hmmm wonder if your concreter would fly to Brissie lol, thanks heaps for the info! I have been struggling with what driveway to get, and your colours are so similar to ours, right down to the silver balcony rail (black roof, cream cladding, cream garage and dark brick lol). Was it much more than getting plain concrete on its own? I am not a fan of exposed aggregate, think I must be the only one out there!

    ps.I loved shopping for lights!!! Hope you found something.

    1. Hi Mel,
      I think it's an application of colour, pattern and texture into a plain concrete slab. I found some information here, just as an example ...

      We were contemplating having exposed aggregate initially, but we thought, stamped concrete gives you a better variety of designs or textures at a lesser price, I suppose.

  3. Nice progress on the house. Great that your driveway and side is done too - no trampling mud through the house from Day 1!

    We got lights from a combination of places: mostly Beacon, a couple of large DIY drum shades batten fix from Bunnings, feature pendants from Matt Blatt and Luke and the kids bedrooms from Ikea :)

    1. Thanks Nat. Haven't been to Bunnings, yet, for our lighting needs, but we shall keep that in mind, too. Looking at Bunnings, though, for putting in the internals for the wardrobes ourselves. Should be fun :)

  4. Love your outdoor and ensuite! And the driveway looks fantastic!
    Please share your concreter, thank you!

    1. Hi Sandra,
      Our concreter's name is Craig and he can be reached at this number 0411 129 438.

  5. Hi, could you share your ensuite tile selection, it's charcoal colour for the floor? Thanks

    1. Hi,
      Our ensuite tiles are from Beaumont Tiles:
      ++ WALL TILES:
      Gloss White Wavy - 200x300 (item#03213)
      Alto Smoke DC-Porcelain Sealed Polished - 297x600 (item#182050p)
      Mosaic Glass stone Persian Blue (25x25) - 300x300 (item#165802)
      ++ TILE TRIM:
      Aluminium Round Edge 10mm Bright Silver


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