Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 282: It's been a quiet week or two

It's been a quiet week or two, and what had been a flurry of activities, left, right, and centre, a couple of weeks ago, sort of just grounded down to a very slow pace thereafter.

Our SM is managing 3 to 4 other projects around our area.  Two of them need to be handed over soon and still not ready; Another one, apparently, had a mysterious gas leak which needed to be traced back to the source.  And then there's the other one who had to have the kitchen island bench Ceasarstone benchtop de-installed and replaced as the manufacturer-supplied sink colanders do not fit.  I could imagine the stress that our SM is going through right now.  Poor bugger. :(

The latter one was us, too.  Ouch!

Forever the optimist, I am, I was just happy to see the house cleaned inside.  At least now I can see inside clearly from outside.  The SM has been diligently checking the house after the tradies have left for the day and locking all the doors, including the garage.  I should know, I pass by the house after work.  Unfortunately, it gets dark quite earlier nowadays.

So what has been done so far after my previous post?

Remember this?
(M's electrician installed the ensuite light/fan/heating switches outside and in the middle of the wall)

Now, it's been re-placed to its proper place ...

... inside the ensuite, closer to the sliding door frame. Yay!!!
And ...
Caulking (sealing joints and seams with silicone) has been completed throughout.

Shower tiled flooring has been sealed, too.
I'm so tempted to come take a brief shower :-D

And ... just today ... door handles 
Someone came to install the door handles for our sliding doors, internal doors and wardrobe doors. Super!

Next week ... I'm expecting the painters to come back and finish the painting and stains; Seal, I mean the guy who does the sealing, to complete all external sealings (depending on the weather); and maybe, just maybe, if we are ever so lucky ...

  • Commence Entry/Portico decking
  • Hang remaining doors
  • Install the Ceasarstone benchtop (and waterfall sidings) on to the Kitchen Island Bench
  • Install remaining tap/mixers (Kitchen and Butler's Pantry)
  • Timber flooring
  • Carpets
When's the walk-thru?  Keeping all fingers (and toes) crossed ... maybe end of May?!?!?

Last day for the HIA Home Ideas Show tomorrow (29/4).  We'll go and check it out.  Hope it's worth going. 


  1. Hi, we are keeping watch your progress with huge interest as we are going to build Liberty too in the same area. Thanks, learn plenty from your sharing! Sandra

    1. Hi Sandra, you are most welcome. We're just glad to share our building experience. Post us a question anytime, and we'll try our best to answer them. All the best with your Liberty build.