Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 295: Are we there yet?


No, not yet, but close ... we hope.

Phew! What a fast-paced week had it been. Lots of things have happened since we last posted. And it does look like the 27th (of May), as what our SM had mentioned, is the day.  What day?  Walk through.  Presentation.  Also known as PCI or Practical Completion Inspection.  Really?  Wow!  We're stoked!

Hmmmm ... let me just put that in our calendar ... checking ... May ... 25 ... 26 ...


Let's not worry about that now.

So what has happened or finished since?

Last time we had the timber flooring laid, this time, we got carpets.  Category 2 carpets!  Our original choice had some quality issues from the suppliers and so we were asked to choose another colour.  We had a Category 1 selection (colour 89 Biscuit) but had a hard time choosing another colour on the same category.  We decided to upgrade to Category 2, instead (colour 44 Putty), and was prepared to pay the upgrade cost.  We got the upgrade as a no cost variation. Bonus!

Painters were also in to complete all the outstanding painting jobs (entry/portico), staining (alfresco/beams/doors), and touch ups.

We also got the solar gas hot water system installed (integrated tank & booster).  Kitchen Island Bench stonetop re-installed.  Timber venetians (front windows only) hanged ...

And what makes it feel that it's getting closer to completion? The appliances are in.  Installed.  Connected.

I'll post some pictures next time.  Maybe this weekend.

Don't forget it's Mothers' Day this Sunday (13th May).   A Happy Mothers' Day to all mothers and mother-figures out there.

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