Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 298: Outside looking in ...

(Source: Original painting by Sabrina Cabada - Fine Art America)

With the probable PCI date looming, our SM has been quite diligent in locking the doors by the end of the day that I now have to be content in just looking through the glass windows and doors, wondering how things are progressing inside ... outside looking in.

Not that obvious how things are going inside.  But we did notice that ...
(1) metal capping to the portico's brick pier has been installed;
(2) portico flat roof and ceiling been painted;
(3) missing downpipe on the side of the garage has been replaced;
(4) but the portico/entrance decking is still not there, yet

Warning! to would-be intruders.
We're also assuming that the new house security alarm has been enabled, too.
Wooop ....woooop ... woooop

Got the timber venetians installed, too (part of contract).
We only budgeted for the front-facing windows only.  The rest, we'll do post-handover, budget allowing, after the light fittings, front brick fence, basic landscaping, etc, etc.  Thought we'll do away with the white flat sheets as window coverings this time.

The Laundry Door.
Might get some commercial timber venetians from Bunnings/Ikea/Freedom to cover this up.

The Chromagen Dalek.

Looking through the Kitchen Window "Splashback".
Also made sure that they have vented the rangehood OUT through the brick wall
(and not IN to the roof/between-floor cavity, as some builders may do).
This window has not been fully sealed, yet.  There's still a gap between the lintel and the aluminium frame.

Finally! Got the proper kitchen mixer installed.
Let's just hope that the kitchen sink colander accessory will fit in, too.

The fully-integrated dishwasher, minus the cabinet door.
I seem to have this bad feeling in my stomach that the cabinet door, when installed, will not fit flush with the rest of the doors/drawers.  We shall see.

A closer view of the built-in hob with wok burner. Nice!

The Outdoor Room.
Fully stained and with timber/KDHW infills above the sliding doors.
Will have to stain the timber decking ourselves after handover.

A view of the Kitchen from the Outdoor Room.
Timber floor boards are covered for protection.

The Sitting Room / Staircase - peering through the aluminium french doors.
We'll also be staining the timber staircase ourselves (no, we'll hire a professional) after handover.

This is Day 298 in our build journey.  For sure, we'll break the 300 day mark.  But we're so hoping that we won't go beyond 365 days.


  1. Love the sink mixer! and the way your stairs wrap around the wall! Everything is look fab, I can imagine how impatient and anxious you must be to get in, at least when you do move in the driveway and deck are all already done and you can just settle on in. Will they let you stain the deck on the weekend? not that it really matters whether it is done before or after handover, but I have found doing little things seems to keep my mind occupied that it will eventually happen. Fingers crossed the it's not too far away now.

  2. Looking good guys! Glad to see that there are heaps of security measures in place. There is a Metricon house in our street where we are renting that has been almost at handover for 6 weeks and they took the temp fencing down a month ago. Needless to say it got robbed last week and now the temp fencing is back up again. That definitely wont happen to you guys :)

    Home stretch. Huzzah!

  3. Thanks guys!

    We are really getting impatient and anxious about it. M did a (pre-PCI) QA which resulted in a few cornices to be ripped out and re-done. I guess we're going to be pushed back a bit. It looks quite calm from the outside, but inside it's a mess as the tradies are busy fixing stuff. Considering the floating boards and carpets have been laid, some major cleanup is going to happen, too.

    27th of May walk-thru? Not going to happen.

    1. Just saw this comment guys and your post last night. surely this is your quota of bad luck for the rest of the build!