Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 354: Bird's Eye View

Thanks to Cam and Kirsten and Jess and Ryan for leading us to a web site that provides a different perspective (view) of our building project.  This view is from above, literally speaking, and it provides you some sort of a timeline or historical view of your address from above.  We were waiting, though, for this excellent website to put up the latest aerial photo of our build, but we've grown tired of waiting for an update (just as we're getting exhausted in waiting for the handover date to come through).

So, without further ado, here's a bird's eye view and a historical representation of our build from pre-construction stage to near-completion stage ...

Our old house (6th April 2011).
It's the one in the middle with grey roof tiles.

Our land, post-demolition and site scrape (28th June 2011).
Unfortunately, the spy plane didn't fly during demolition time.  Would have been nice to see it as we've missed taking photos during demolition.

Slab's poured and the frames were starting to be put up (20th August 2011).

After 2 months (18th October 2011), (first floor) roof's up.
Gas hot water heating system's solar panel installed.
Dining room and Outdoor room roof still pending.
Scaffolding still in place.

A month later (17th November 2011), scaffolding's down.
Still no roof tiles on  the ground floor area (Dining and Outdoor rooms).
No roof trusses for the garage just as yet.

Much progress after a fortnight (5th December 2011).
Roof completed for the Dining and Outdoor rooms at this stage.
Double garage with workshop starting to take shape.

Day after Valentine's Day.
Double garage has been completed.
Looks like the Balcony's done, too.
Portico flat roof, yet to be done.

12th March 2012.
Some work happening ... must be inside.

Latest aerial photo.  12th April 2012.
It's all happening inside the house now.
Driveway has been finished, too.
(Not in the photo, but another construction work just commencing behind us).

Will add some more aerial photos here as soon as NearMap have updated the photos on their site.  Other areas, though, like Bentleigh and Brighton, for example, have more recent and more frequent aerial photos.

This is much, much better than Google Maps, seriously.  Our property, in Google Maps, was still as of April 2009.  And no historical views.

Just for fun ... Where's Wally?  Definitely not in this picture, though ... :-)

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