Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 378: Still NO PHONE SERVICE!!!

We are probably getting our new home keys very soon, but ... WE STILL HAVE NO !@#$%^& PHONE CONNECTION !!!

Not Metricon's fault.  It's Telstra's and their line provisioning contractors - Service Stream !@#$%^&

Telstra keeps telling me that from their records the line is ACTIVE.  IT IS NOT!!!

So what do I do ... I'm logging a phone line fault ... as recommended in a forum I'm reading.  So, instead of typing my rants here, which can be full of expletives, I dare not,  I'll let somebody else give you their story.  It's almost the same story or experience as mine, just early days for me.  It's a good read. Highly recommended for people about to move to their new home.

MUST READ: "7 weeks+ Suburban Phone Connection" Story

And just in case I need to file a complaint and also get some compensation, some very important links ...

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO)
TIO Case Study - Phone Connection
The Customer Service Guarantee (CSG)

Do you want to know who your Telstra Approved Contractor is, you can find them here.

And so far today ...

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