Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 381: It's all about the Keys

As someone said, the transfer of the keys is the culmination of the long drawn process of building a new home.  It is the very last step, the ultimate goal, whereby full ownership is finally handed over by the builder to the homeowner.  Of course, prior to this happening is the homeowner handing over the bank cheque, the final payment, to the builder's representative, and with the hope and promise that the builder will still be available, ready to fix whatever issues that may arise in the next ninety (90) days.  And us homeowners do wish that it wouldn't happen - issues arising, but at the back of their minds, that if there will be any issues or problems at all, that it will manifest itself fully in the next 90 days.

The keys signify that the build is done.  That I, as the homeowner, is happy with the build quality.  Have I done my due diligence in ensuring that everything is within the BCA standards? Have I done my utmost best to pester my Site Manager in getting all the listed quality issues and defects fixed and completed?  I hope I did.

Tomorrow will be what we hope would be the final(est) presentation of our home by Metricon to us.  The bank cheque has long been drawn, and we do hope that we'll be handing it over, as well, if not on the same day, in a day or so.

Wish us luck.


  1. Absolutely, best of luck guys. It's been a long wait. I hope you're in and enjoying your new home really soon.

  2. Congratulations guys!! I don't know how you have managed to stay sane after all that time!!!! I hope it is everything you dreamed of and more! :-)