Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 225: Painting's done

Just had my regular meeting with my SM again this morning.  No worker's on-site, unlike the past few days where there seems to be a flurry of work going on.  Site's been cleaned-up a bit, and yes, painting's done.  Sort off.  Well, majority of the painting work has been done.  What's left are just some of the timber doors yet to be stained. Most of the doors, including closet doors, have been hung, as well.

Leisure Room upstairs

Family Room

Kitchen and Dining Room
Most of the powerpoint/switch boxes have been exposed, as well.  There are still a few that haven't been exposed, yet, like those in the Family Room, and in one of the bedrooms.  Had a nasty surprise, though, when I went into the main bedroom upstairs.

Main Bedroom
What's that hole in the wall for?

Looks like the electricians have mis-read the electrical plan and placed the switches, intended for the ensuite, outside. And it's even in the centre of the wall?!?!

Main Bedroom Ensuite (Pre-Plaster). Notice where the electrical wirings fall.
The original (Metricon's) drawing have no doors on the ensuite.  We then asked for double cavity sliders to close the ensuite off.  Nice.  Come Electrical Appointment, our electrical consultant said that the ensuite switch will have to be outside as they can't put switches where there's a cavity sliding door behind. After much deliberation and discussions with our CSC then, we were able to get approved a single cavity sliding door, with the cavity on the bath side, increasing the wall space from the left. Nice. That's great.  Now we can have the switches for the ensuite inside ... and a wall space to put towel rails.  Bonus. Case solved.  Everyone's happy.  Not!

My then previous SS made a mistake of ordering a single cavity slider that closes from left to right (opposite to what was drawn).  More dramas.  But eventually resolved.  My current SM made that happen.  So, proper cavity slider installed, electrical wiring's done correctly, plastering's done, painting's done, and now the electrician decides to put the switches, not just outside, but in the middle of the wall, as well?!?!

My SM said he'll get it fixed as soon as possible.  I believe him.  He's a good man.

Paintwork quality? Top notch.  So was the plastering.

Next week? We'll see how the wall and floor tiling goes.



  1. Hi Jon, thank you for sharing all the info and photo. We are building Liberty with Metricon too (still very early stage), so we are really keen to see any update from your blog.
    Just wondering if we have more questions, is there any other way to contact you. Sandra

    1. Hi Sandra,

      I've provided a button (See Contact Us) on the side bars to allow people to send us private notes/messages. We'll reply to your questions via email as soon as we could.

      Good choice picking the Liberty (we're biased), hope to hear about your build, too.

      Jon and Ron