Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 242: You know your sparky's not into it that day when ...

... locates a light switch in the middle of a big wall ... 

... on the other side of the wall (outside) of the room it's meant to be in 

... misses the power point bracket behind the plasterboard ...

{Front View} looks completely OK from where I'm looking
{Behind the Wall} There's the bracket, where's the hole?
{Behind the Wall} There it is ?!?!

SITUATION:  Bathtub is going to be placed here.  There's a  power point on the other side of this bathroom wall.  I can see the electrical wires clearly just a few centimeters from where the bathtub will be.  I can see the electrical wires clearly just a few centimeters from the drain pipe.  I'm thinking ... power point, wires, electricity, bathtub, water, drain pipe, water ... electricity, water ... water, electricity ... HANG ON ...

QUESTION: Is this safe?  Shouldn't there be a cover (plasterboard) on this side of the wall?  What if the bathtub cracks or leaks and/or overflows and ... ?  What if ???  
Don't get me wrong.  The electricians are doing a great job here.  And to be fair, they haven't finished the job, yet.  These things can still be fixed.  I'm sure they will.  But this is the first thing that I will need to come back to and check later.  Even if I have to remove the electrical fitting and check.

So, how's yours going so far?


  1. Oops! Had a chuckle over the missed bracket location attempt! Would have been interesting to here the expletives when he did it!

    We've got the exact same situation - a powerpoint in the bedroom next to the bathroom that sits within the bath hob space. Ours is just as yours - unprotected. I can only imagine that any drain leaks won't create a water level high enough to create a problem, given the electrician will have to supply an electrical safety certificate.

  2. Missing the brackets is poor planning rather than bad luck - my view anyway. Should be a problem as he'll probably use a different type of bracket which can be clicked over the plaster to attach the face plate and no one will be the wiser.
    Not sure re the wiring location but as Nat mentioned if water does pool there for any reason it won't be at that height so shouldn't be an issue. Hit the SS with the Q'n.

  3. Typo - should have read as 'shouldn't be a problem'