Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 254: It's beginning to look like ...

A home? Not yet.  Still plenty to go, I reckon, but we're getting there ... bit by bit.  Everyday I pass by the house hoping that something has changed.  And most of the time, it's not a disappointment.  Yes, we're getting there, so my SM says.  In fact, he strongly believes, barring any mis-haps, if everything goes as planned, and when the leaves are green and the sky is blue, we may do the walk through come May. Yessss!!!

I certainly hope so.

So where are we at the moment ... this 254th day since site start?  See for yourself and let's go have a look ...

WARNING: Lots and lots of pictures ahead.

MyMetricon Status

On the "Home Completion" stretch now.

Fit Offs commencing after Fit Offs completion???

Garage Doors Installed

Front Garage Door - Automated Panel Glides with remote controls

Rear Garage Roller Door - manual operation only 

Timber Deck

Our Outdoor Room timber deck.
The KDHW lined ceiling has not been stained, yet, and so do the beams and the KDHW infills above the tri-stacker doors.  We would need to stain the timber deck ourselves.

Alarm System, Heating, TV Antenna

External alarm and strobe light just above the power meter box.
Well, at least it's still visible from the street.

One of many PIR sensors inside the house.

Wall telephone line and ... guess where the screecher is.

The Bosch Solution 16+ electronic/digital keypad

Heating vents installed, mostly above the external facing doors and windows
Gas-ducted heating return air grille
Gas-ducted heating electronic control pad

TV Antenna.
I surely will make sure for sure that it's connected to all the TV points.

Floor/Wall Tilings, Benchtops, Splashbacks


The Butler's Pantry

The Kitchen Island Bench

The Kitchen Glass Splashback.
Or the kitchen mini glass splashback.
Or the kitchen above-counter glass kick rail.
Or a half-a5$3d design for a kitchen glass splashback.
Yes, we know what you are going to say.  Apparently, this is the standard.  We  got the kitchen glass splashback as part of the promotion, but since we asked them to put a long horizontal window (glass window splashback, as some people call it), here's what came with it as a glass splashback (promotion).  We can't be bothered now to have this replaced and extended upward (as it should, right?).  Will put into the post-handover projects list.
Before then, we'll just have to make sure we won't be boiling any thick pasta sauces, heaven forbid.

Bathroom Glass Shower Frames

Main Bedroom Ensuite

Main Bathroom

Guest Bedroom Ensuite
Shower Wall Recess or Niche.
Replaces having to have soap holders. Have this installed on all bathrooms except the main bathroom, unfortunately.  M3tr1c0n will only allow this to be installed on 3-wall shower recesses.  Now we wish that we have changed the layout of the main bathroom to accommodate this, too.

Wardrobe Fit Outs

Main bedroom's "WIR" with frameless glass sliding doors.
No need to have a dresser with mirror now.  Anyone interested in buying a second-hand timber dresser with mirror? It's got 6 drawers!  

Linen cabinet

Standard fit outs for wardrobes.  Choice of white rails or chrome rails.  We chose chrome rail upgrades.  For free.

Walk-in Robe with standard fit outs.
We'll plan to DIO (Do-It-Ourselves) our robe fittings after handover.  Bunnings are selling some flat packs, I might give them a try.  Any other suggestions?

What's next?  Plenty more updates to come.  See you back here soon.


  1. Oh wow, it's definitely getting close now!! Everything looks great!! It's actually very similar to how ours will hopefully be, we have the light colour garage doors, dark brick and light cladding, also chose the same espresso laminate cupboards. Did you go through Metr!con for your deck and antenna? ours are post handover :-(

    1. Hi Mel,

      We got the decking thru M3tr1c0n, eventually, as it was actually cheaper (surprise, surprise!!!) at that time. There were some special prices, etc, and I got some quotes from other deck builders, too, and M3tr!c0n actually came a tad cheaper than the other deck builders I canvassed. Besides, I was also told that having M3tr!c0n build the deck makes it part of the building warranty.

      We allowed for some basic data, speaker, TV, cable and alarm system wiring thru them, as well, so we threw in the TV antenna package, too, into the mix.

      We originally thought of choosing the timber-like panel glide garage doors, but when we decided not to go the stained timber-framed windows way (we got a west facing facade) and go for aluminium-framed windows and balcony door, instead, we chose the same colour for our garage doors as our window frames and fascia.

      The jury is still out, though, of whether we should have the facade rendered or not.

  2. For me your facade looks great without any render. The bricks have some variaous colours, also the hardi plank parts give different texture and compliment colour.
    Btw love reading your blog, and happy for you too that it's look the house almost finished.