Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 321: hoy no hay foto porque no tengo ganas de nada

"There's no picture because I don't feel like it."

It's true!  I don't seem to have that motivation to post some photos, I'm afraid.  Maybe it will be a different story next week.  It's been 21 days since I last posted and I've been wanting to post something nice to show and tell.  But I don't feel like posting anything not constructive or not exciting.  Not that there's nothing happening ... well ... it's been a very slooooow three weeks, if I must say.

Imagine this ...
Carpets been laid, floorboards put in place, timber venetians on all front-facing windows has been installed, place has been cleaned, just a few more paint touch-ups here and there, doors just need to be adjusted and then the CM will do his cursory QA/inspection.  QA, I really like the sound of that.  Quality Assurance.  It's so nice to hear if ...

Everything looks OK, right? 


Apparently, most of the cornices are skewed.  What?  Even Boral says so.  What?

So what does that mean ... 

Cornices were not straight.  They were not within prescribed tolerances.  And they have to be replaced.  The cornices have to ripped out, new cornices to be delivered and hanged, walls/ceilings to be re-plastered/re-sealed then re-painted ... yada yada yada.

In a nutshell,  the place had been a mess more than 2 weeks ago and it's just coming back to normalcy this week.

But on a positive note (ever the optimist, I am), we're thankful that it's caught now, and our CM had caught it.  I don't have to complain then.  Not at all.  But we're just frustrated.  We're pushed back by another month.  We're supposed to have another QA today.  I wonder what happened.

Note on external powerpoints:

Oh, one more thing.  For those still around the Fixing stage of their build.  If you have external powerpoints being installed at the side of the house.  Make sure that the external or outdoor powerpoint is not within 750mm radius from where the gas meter would be.  Our bright sparky installed the outdoor powerpoint just a foot above where the gas meter have to be installed.  The Gas Company came to install the gas meter but would not until the external powerpoint is relocated further away from where the gas meter should be.  But hey, our bright sparky's need not be fully blamed, he's just following what was on the electrical plan (electrical designer's fault, then).  But you would think that licensed electricians should know the standards.  It's probably just one of those days.


  1. Oh nooo guys that's awful!!!!!! Incredibly frustrating for you!!! Arrgh!

  2. Pobrecitos! No lo puedo creer!

    You guys must have some luck coming your way soon. Now im worried about checking the cornice when i go to our place next!

    Buena suerte!
    Kirst xx

  3. Good grief! Much like our tiling experience - there needs to be more CM inspection points during construction. It seems ludicrous to me that it had to wait until painting and floor laying before the cornices were identified. But relieved for you that it was picked up none the less.

    Here's hoping for an actual QA date for you and us in the next few weeks!!

  4. Feel your pain! Hopefully the fix well and you've beautiful finish!