Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 332: Red Spot Specials

It seems that everywhere I go there are "Red Spot Specials".  There's a red spot here, a red dot there, a couple up there.  Must have been a "stocktake".  Must be that time of the year.  It's time to have a closer look.  There's heaps of them.  My wife would "love" to see these.  There's some good colour combination here.  Ah, some "scratch-and-dents" - that's a "red hot special".  Imperfections?  Of course, that will be a "red dot special".  Oh, man, the manager has missed this, there's a bit of a scratch on the surface, I'm sure they can give this to me as a "Red Spot Special".  My wife's eyes would sure widen when she sees these!!!

It's June.  Mid-year.  End-of-Financial Year.  Red Spot Specials everywhere.  True.  But I'm referring to our house.

"I'm seeing spots ... red spots ... all around me ..."

After most of our cornices have been replaced and repainted a week ago, our CM has gone through and around the house for another QA inspection.  Yes, you're not wrong.  He did knock himself out putting the "red dots" here and there.  The walls, the ceiling, on the doors, the cabinet doors, the glass windows, the architraves, the skirtings, the carpet, the bricks ...

Honestly, in my humble opinion, and in my personal opinion only, I reckon M's build quality is excellent.  Not impeccable, not perfect, not faultless, but I'm sure there's no volume builder out there who is that ... perfect.  So to say the least, I'm happy to see the RED DOTS now, and let them fix it.  I'll be more disappointed if I have to put more red dots during our walk through (someday), or if our independent QA inspector have to give us a long report.  Watch this space.

So, it's June.  Mid-year.  End-of-Financial year.  Red Spot Specials everywhere.  Maybe now is the right time to buy the things we need and that we say we'll do POST-HANDOVER!

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  1. I love a bargain special!!! Hope that your place is finished soon so you can fill it with newly purchased bargains! :)