Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 341: Final QA Looming

(source: seton.net.au)

So with bated breath we await, the day Final QA Inspection M3tr!c0n theirs will do.

As per mymetricon, it shall be this Thursday, 28th June.  Hopefully, the painters would have gone thru and fix up all the "Red Dot Specials" that abound before the date.  Haven't been able to go in the house to inspect, but as of yesterday, there were still a few stuck around.  But what makes it really exciting is the fact that they have taken down the temporary fencing, removed the portaloo, removed the "cage", leveled and cleaned out the front, too!  Wow!!!

Getting restless now ;-)

But do you know who else was excited (or getting impatient, to say the least)?  My bank.
They called me up just to ask how things are going as it's been a while since we made our last drawdown.  Probably just want to make sure that there's actually a house being built ... hehehe.

Keeping all our fingers (and toes) crossed that we'll have our PCI by early next week.

Should we start packing now?

Watch this space.


  1. Excellent news guys. Even prompted me to check our MyMetricon site - although I have always seen it as a guide at best..
    Hopefully within the fortnight you have your keys. Best of luck with the QA.

  2. Hi guys, we are a fellow builder with metricon. We noticed you used intergrain merbau stain in some areas. We are very disappointed with our application of stain in regards to mess around edges of glass and very patchy application, especially front door. We complained to ss as display homes stains are impeccable and he advised metricon use cabots now - no excuse. Can you let us know how you felt about your stain. Thanks. Our site clydeandkarenchelsea37.blogspot.com.au

    1. Hi queen mary,
      After our walkthrough last Friday, we did notice the stain "staining" our front door glass panels. And it does not have a smooth, glossy finish, too. Maybe because it's a stain, not a "varnished" finish, I suppose.
      We did end up getting our SM to write it in our PCI defect list - stains in the front door glass panels. We'll see next time how they end up fixing it.

      Good luck with your build! I shall go and visit your blog now :)