Monday, July 4, 2011

The Demise of the Whittaker 45 Dream

Oh we so much love the Whittaker 45.  For what we want in a house, it was just perfect.  But when we looked at our budget, reality kicks in.  For the upgrades and options we wanted, we so cannot afford it.  Not with the budget we religiously want to stick to.

You know when you really wanted something, but just can't really get it? You start nitpicking. Seriously. The Whittaker 45 has got flaws that wasn't really that obvious before. We are now sour-graping.

We didn't like the stairs. The stairs just goes straight up with no intermediate landing in-between.  Hmmmm, that could be bad with kids. Safety hazard. Actually, it's an L-shaped stair with two flights. Beautiful stairs. But ...


Well, we thought there's still a safety risk. Imagine missing that little bit of a step in the left hand corner as you come down.  Good enough a reason for us to kill the dream.  Besides, what you see in the pictures are non-standard.  That's an extra $12K - $15K to upgrade.

And with a heavy heart, we thought we should abandon the Whittaker 45 dream.

And then we start hitting the blogs.

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