Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Whittaker 45

And so we so wanted the Whittaker. It ticks all the boxes in our home search criteria. At last, we found what we want for a home.

The Whittaker - Chateau Facade (Source:
We chose the Chateau facade. Funny how I just realise now that this Whittaker with the Chateau facade looks exactly the same as the Nolan in my previous postings. We did love the floor plan, as well, as when we were walking thru the house, we liked how it was all laid out.  See for yourself.

The Whittaker 45 (Source:

So where do we sign up?

As we're doing a "knockdown and rebuild" we've been told that we need to go via the M Head Office. Good thing we did, we were given one of the best sales consultant in town - Mark R.  (We were just in touch with a couple who's planning on building with M, they went through one of M's sales offices in the south east - not happy, Jan!!!)

Mark is very affable.  He gave us as much information as we need about the Whittaker. He showed us an initial siting chart - this is how the Whittaker 45 will sit in our land given our land dimensions, where north points and front setback requirements, amongst a few.  This gave us a bird's eye view of how our dream house is going to fit in our land. Front yard - check, back yard - check, outdoor living area is north facing - check.  It was just right.

TIP: If there's something that you need to keep in mind when looking for a house is the fact that the display homes are all optioned up. What you is see is not what you get. Not necessarily, well not unless you pay for the upgrades. What this also means is the base price is just that, the base price. We'll delve more into the added bits and pieces later.

First meeting with M is not a short one (first of a series of long meetings we're going to have). So what did we got out of the first meeting ...
  • Base price
  • Promo details (what do you get for the extra $4950 you are paying)
  • Area Surcharge (building in an established suburb is not cheap, add $7500)
  • Estimated Site costs (for a "knockdown and rebuild", add $50K - $60K, no kidding)
  • Whittaker 45 plans (I love looking at house plans, I must have been an architect in my previous life)
  • Displayed Option List
  • and behind the smiles, some slight trepidation as we walked off with lots of information on our hand
The price we got here is not what the "optioned up" price going to be. That's a different story.

And the Displayed Option List, something that you really need to get from M if you're building.

More to follow ...

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