Monday, July 4, 2011

The Liberty

As we were "Googling", we found a number of very useful blogs related to building with Metricon.  Some of the more prominent and more relevant ones we have included in our "Blogs We Follow". Such was the usefulness and relevance of these blogs that we found the Liberty.

We never came across the Liberty in our many travels to home display centres.  In fact, there was currently no display of the Liberty anywhere in Victoria. Apparently it was an older design, albeit an award winning one, so I read from some publication somewhere, I can't remember. There are displays in New South Wales and Queensland, but not here in Victoria, unfortunately.

So, based on the blogs (and M's website, of course) we got acquainted with the Liberty - our dream home.

Talk about leap of faith. Many, many thanks to all the detailed information that blogger-couples have provided in their building blogs, we decided we love it and called Mark, our sales consultant, straight away and asked him to change our home design from Whittaker 45 to Liberty 42. Bang! Presto! Done!

And so begins our building journey with the Metricon Liberty 42 - Chateau.

The Liberty Chateau (Source:

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