Saturday, July 2, 2011

Displayed Option List

Someone who have gone thru the building process will always advice people to get the Displayed Option List. We're doing the same.

So, what is the Displayed Option List?

For every display home you go to, regardless of the builder, the sales people have a list, a book, or maybe a spreadsheet or some snazzy software that enumerates the options or upgrades or non-standard items and their corresponding prices that are in the display home that you are admiring. It's what makes the difference between the "base price" and the "as displayed price".  The Whittaker could be worth $324,000 base price, but as displayed in Arena Estate - $650,000 (this a sample figure only, for illustrative purposes). One of the blogs that we follow make quite a good explanation of the Displayed Option List.

On our first meeting with Mark from M, the first thing he asked us was if we have been to see the other displays or M's home designs other than the Whittaker. What it is is that if we liked something from another home design, for example, the Nolan's staircase or kitchen fittings, or the Imperial's master ensuite fittings and tiling or that big picture window from the Laguna display, more than likely, M can add it as an option/upgrade to our Whittaker. For a price, of course. And that's where the Displayed Option List comes in.  So as not to waste Mark's time for us mulling over all the options available, he gave us, instead, a copy of the Displayed Option List, for each of the display homes we were interested in, to take home and think about what we want.

Oh boy, and wasn't that quite an interesting bedtime reading.

Have you heard about the couple whose total upgrade/options cost was much greater than the base price of the house?

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