Sunday, August 14, 2011

Status Update #2


My apologies, but we've been remiss in updating our blog for more than a month now. Been very busy work-wise. But here's some quick Status Update ...

A lot of things ... significant things, have happened since:
(1) We've completed our demolition
      (Significant trees removed, with permit, of course, save the largest tree down the back) 
(2) Second site survey (and soil test) done. Still Class P :(
(3) We've replaced the fence where the garage wall used to be;
      my neighbour is much happier nowadays;
(4) Change of Customer Service Coordinator (sad to let go of Karen B :(, welcome Mark P.)
(5) M3tric0n has officially started the construction phase of our build ... woo hoo!!!
(6) Site cut and fill; required piers poured in;

(7) Met our Site Supervisor for the first time (top bloke!!!)
(8) Got our Parish Priest to come bless the foundations and the construction site
      (while I offer a sacrificial chicken and pour the blood on the foundations ... just kidding)
(9) and ... drum roll ... Slab's poured and done.

Now waiting for M3tric0n to send me my very first bill (progress payment) after my initial deposit.

Good times!!!

We'll be putting up the pictures in the next few days. So don't go away, but if you have to, please come back, as we really have begun our build journey.

Exciting times ahead ...

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