Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 37: More Frames - Ground Floor

Had my first meeting with our new Site Supervisor (SS) this morning. Chris. Top bloke, surfie dude, chippy by trade. Introduced himself and showed me around the site. First time I've been inside the construction site since they poured the slab. Crushed rocks on the ground, making sure it's an "all-weather" site.  The slab came out perfectly finished, by the looks of it. It looks level, no cracks, and Chris assured me it's up to quality standard. No bumps, no lumps, it's all leveled. Brilliant!

Took the chance to take some photos again, and here they are.  Refer to the previously posted construction drawings, specifically the ground floor plan, then let your imagination paint the picture.

As you enter, to your right is the study/guest bedroom. The main electrical circuit board (where the  power meter is) will just be outside this room.

To your left, that's where the internal door to the garage will be.

Moving on, to your right, after the study/guest bedroom, is the powder room. Vanity on the left, water closet on the right, and walk through to the study/guest bedroom's ensuite (bathroom).

Moving on a couple of steps, to your left is the sitting room.  French doors with sidelights will be opening out to what we hope will be a tiny courtyard.

After the sitting room, furthermost left corner of the house is the family room. Two tall awning windows on the left side (each corner) and tri-sliding door opening to a timber-decked outdoor room (or alfresco area)

A view to the outdoor room.  This is the north side of the house. We should get plenty of light on the outdoor room.

To the right of the family room is the dining room. There's 3 tall picture windows looking out the back of the property (still a few metres left for the backyard. Reckon I can still fit a cubby house and maybe a trampoline there?). Horizontal window on the wall on your right. Spin a bit to your right will be the ...

Kitchen area. Butler's pantry on the left with a walk thru to the laundry.  Refrigerator cavity in the centre of the picture. Towards the hallway on the right.

Kitchen on the left, family room on the right. Hallway going towards the entry foyer in the middle.

Going back towards the entrance foyer, on the left, before the stairs, is the walk-in linen and the laundry. There's a door (sliding) in the laundry that gets you thru the butler's pantry. Straight out will be the utility area (aka the hill's hoist).

Yes. Just a ladder for now.  But this will be where the stairs will be.  We made the under-stairs usable by replacing the wall with a door.  Most of the electrical switches, media/telecoms hub will be put under the stairs.

On your right now, towards the entrance foyer, is the sitting room. You can see where the double garage is with an extension (workshop) 
And that concludes the tour.  Next set of photographs, I'm hoping it will be the upper floor and more development. Watch this space.

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