Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 1: Site Start - 21.07.2011

As soon as M3tric0n got the news that the property has been cleared, they wasted no time in ordering a second site survey and soil test.  My site classification still came back as Class "P", unfortunately.

Why? They cited a number of reasons:
  1. Site classified "P" due to the depth of filling material encountered.
  2. Site classified "P" to account for abnormal moisture conditions caused by trees on this and the adjacent sites and road reserve and recent demolition of existing dwelling from this site.
Fair enough.

Now let's get started with the construction phase of this project, shall we?

Site fenced in. Note that our "fence man" was able to put up the paling fence on the far left side/corner on time. Good job.

M3tric0n signs put up on the fence.  Looks like they have done site cuts, as well.

Ah, our council's requirement - protect the trees on the nature reserve during construction. M3tric0n complying.
And ... they didn't forget the outdoor dunny, too!!!

Looks like we're all set to go.  I better get our Parish Priest to come and bless this site, if possible. It's a family and cultural tradition.
After these photos were taken, got a call from my Site Supervisor.  Got to meet him in person a few days later.  Top bloke!

Next stop ... SLAB.

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