Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Metricon Open Home - Liberty 42 ... 27th August 2011

Nope, we are not advertising our place for viewing. Wish we could, but it's not completed, yet.

When we decided to go for the Liberty there are no display homes found in Victoria.  Did we ever mention that we even drove up to New South Wales for one weekend just to have a look at the Liberty 42 on display?  My wife wanted to see what we are going to build. We were not disappointed.

On the 27th of August 2011, there'll be another chance for us to have a look inside the Liberty 42. This time in Victoria. In Glen Iris, actually. And this is for a limited time only.  We'll see you all there, yeh?

(Source: emailed to us by Metricon Homes)


  1. Went to see this today. It's in the quiet, leafy and hilly suburb of Glen Iris. Got to see our Sales Consultant, too - Mark.

    Impressions? It was what we were expecting when we came in thru the front door. Although, the owners changed the entry door into a double door, it was, as we've said, a Liberty. This was until we went towards the kitchen and family area. They've expanded the dining area and the family room towards the rear. Not quite sure if there was an outdoor room, or that became the extended family room and put in an open study area in between the sitting room and the family room.

    Then we went upstairs. The owners have also replaced the tall and narrow fixed window in the stairwell into a tall and wide fixed window. They also have removed the leisure room upstairs and expanded all the bedrooms. Doing so, kinda re-arranged all the non-main bedrooms. It was totally un-Liberty in layout bar the main bedroom (minor changes only). My wife and I preferred the openness of the original Liberty layout with the leisure room.

    Overall, it was quite a good quality build. Loved the timber flooring, too. Even the under-stairs storage room has got polished timber flooring. Sweet.

    Totally looking forward now to our own Liberty. Maybe Mark will offer to have ours for an open house when it's completed. For a reasonable price, of course. Still need to sort out landscaping and front fencing after handover.

  2. Hi Jon & Ron,

    We went past the Liberty the week before it was open (I didn't read the date in the email...oops!). So was it a private knockdown & rebuild and because they don't have it on Display anywhere that Metricon had it as an open house? I just assumed M built it themselves and were selling it as a boost to their usual 'House and land in Estate' packages.

    Excited to see how quick your slab and frame is progressing - hope ours does too!



  3. Hi Nat,

    We believe it's another private "knockdown and rebuild" project, too. We are assuming that Metricon would have "rented" the house for the day for a limited viewing (or open house) before they hand over the keys to the owners to move in.

    Mark, who was also our Sales Consultant, had always wished that Metricon has a permanent Liberty display in Victoria. This could just be one means for them to showcase the Liberty/s that they have built in Victoria, albeit at very limited times only.

    Good luck on your build, Nat. Yes, we do hope, too, that our build keeps on progressing as how it does now.

    And thanks for following our blog. We don't mind answering questions if we can help.