Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 32: We got FRAME

We went to the Home Show today thinking that we would be able to get some ideas for our fencing, backyard, etc., once the house is done.  Bit disappointed, really. Thought it would be better than the Home and Ideas show a few months back. It was the same stalls, same displays, same products, even the same people demonstrating some of the kitchen gadgets.

We drove home empty handed with not much in our show bag, but just a few brochures on blinds, home automation and gas log fire heating.  We thought we'll pass by the construction site (as you do) and see how things are progressing. Thought it would be slow as just last Friday I was talking to our Site Supervisor (Scott, top bloke) to get some status update... Oh yeah, everything is fine, slab's done and hopefully the carpenters will be coming in Monday to put up the frame, etc, and guess what - he's not our Site Supervisor anymore!!! He said he's been promoted to Construction Manager and another guy (hopefully, another top bloke) will be looking after us.  Well, good on him and congratulations. We're just hoping his replacement is as good or even better than him.  We'll see.

But anyway, yes, from the Home Show on our way home, we thought we'll just drive by the construction site and lo and behold ...

M3tr!c0n puts this up to most if not all of their construction sites.  This is ours, well, not the house that's in the picture. Not quite. Wish we had the budget to afford that facade. But, yes, this is our board. OLD SITE. NEW BEGINNING. So true. Oh, they also have changed the name of the Site Supervisor on the information board on the left. They never told us that.


This is just the bottom half. Upper floor and roof trusses will come next.

It's all taking shape.  Soon, I have to get my independent building inspector to come and assess the project so far.

We do have to show the final construction drawings, colour selections, and our electrical selections at some stage, too, don't we? Maybe in our next post.  How's that?

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