Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Going ... going .... going ... GONE!!!


We forgot to mention from our previous post that the demolition company actually requires at least 15 days before they can start the demolition.  The demolition company applied for the demolition permit from our local council which also required a signed consent (within 15 days) from our neighbour who was directly affected (common (garage) wall).

Be good to your neighbours and you will reap the rewards.

And here's some photos (Warning: unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to take photos when they were actually demolishing the property down, with cranes or bulldozers, etc.) ...

Our old house. I built that picket fence, too.

Before demolition, we actually asked a few friends to come over and get whatever they need. They did.
Temporary fence now put up, our beautiful picket fence torn down ...

This is when they started removing the asbestos from inside the house.

Then they continued taking off the roof tiles above the kitchen and living area.

Came back a few days later ... whoa ... it's all gone!!!

View from the back of the now vacant land.
All the trees have been removed ... trunk, branches, leaves, stumps and all.

Only our most "significant" tree remains.
Also, I would need to get my "fence man" to put up a permanent paling fence at the far left side/corner.

Yep. It's all clear now. No fence, no trees, no garage, no house.
Demolition works were all completed by the 6th of June 2011.

We better let M3tric0n know.  Construction should commence shortly. Woohooo!!!

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