Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 43: Some Roof Framing are up

Okay, so I'm meant to meet our Site Manager today for our regular weekly catchup. He's canceled on me as they have an important meeting back in the office. New head honcho or chief, apparently. So I thought I might just still drop by to take some photos.  No one on site, though, this morning. Gate's still chained lock. Subbies must have taken a day off.  So, I have to take some photos from outside the gate. Wouldn't risk getting in without permission from my SS (or is it SM).

And we got some roof framing!!! Isn't that exciting?
First Floor frames are up.

And so are the roof frames.

With scaffolding

Haven't seen any roof tiles, yet, on the ground. Mustn't have been delivered, yet.

Next week, I'll have some more photos, maybe from inside this time.  I'm meeting our SS on Monday. We'll find out how M is tracking with the build. May need to give our home building inspector a heads up, too.

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