Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 46: Frames, frames and more frames ...

Had our second meeting with our new SS today. This guy's got his work ethics right. He was right on time for our 4pm meeting.  The carpenters must have gone for the day, too. The site's all clear, no one on site, just me and our SS.

So what's been done so far?  Most of the roof frames are up on the first floor.  They haven't put up the fascia headers and fascia boards, though, yet.  In the next few days, my SS assured me.  They also haven't put up the roof frames for the dining and the outdoor room at the ground floor level, too.  There are some scaffolding that are on the way for putting up the roof frame on the ground floor.  Once, they've put up the fascia headers, eaves framing and fascia boards on the upper level, then they'll complete the roof frame structure for the ground floor.

I guess plumbing and roof tiling will come after this.  And they need to put up all the window frames, as well.  I haven't seen any roof tiles or window frames on the ground. These haven't been delivered, yet. I did see the front door frames and the tri-sliding door frames on the ground. I guess they have to come up next, too. Wouldn't want them to be lying precariously on the ground (they've got window glazing on).

So much of the monologue from me. I'll let the following pictures do the talking this time.  Just a warning, though. I WENT NUTS TAKING PHOTOS!!! See for yourselves ...

Parked the car in front of my neighbours.  Ah, I love this view.

Approaching the front entrance
What's my front door frame doing on the ground? Glass, stones, ground ... don't want to think about it
Oh, look, even the tri-sliding doors and frames are on the ground.  Better pray that there's no hail storm coming through tonight.

Ground Floor

Family Room. Two tall vertical windows on each side with a bulkhead on top of the windows.

Family Room "feature wall". Was planning on putting a 2-way gas log fire here, between family and sitting room, but it wasn't so. Removed from the budget :(

This is where the kitchen is with the long horizontal picture window in line with the kitchen bench top.

Looking through what's going to be the butler's pantry and then the laundry. 

View from the dining room looking up to one of the bedroom windows upstairs.  The subbies haven't put up the roof frame, yet, for the dining room (and outdoor room) as some work still needs to be done requiring those scaffolding.
From the dining room, looking up.

First Floor

The stairwell

The Leisure Room, you can see where the bathroom (bath) is through the wall frame

The Leisure Room, facing north-west. This is as of 4 in the afternoon.

Leisure Room. Window is going to be obscured, unfortunately, due to ResCode. Overlooking the neighbour's property.

Let's go see what Bedroom 1 would look like.

Bedroom 1. There'll be a French Door frame on the left going out to the balcony. Windows on the right.

To the Bedroom 1 Ensuite.  Single-wide cavity sliding door in lieu of none.

Bedroom 1 Ensuite Bath. Horizontal window wall-to-wall.

Bedroom 1 Ensuite Shower and WC here.

At the back will be a walk-thru robe.

Now, let's go see the other bedrooms.

Upstairs Bathroom.

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3 (rear) 

Bedroom 3 (side)

Bedroom 3 (corner view)

Bedroom 4
All coming to shape now.  I'll be back Friday for our next meeting with our SS.  Hopefully, window frames and door frames, and maybe the plumbing and the roof frame will all be complete by then. Fingers crossed.

We'll see ...

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