Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 57: Windows, Doors and Frames

So they did announce Windows 8, or shall we say, Windows 8 Developer Preview. The pre-beta release version of the much anticipated Windows 8.  That's cool.

But, I was anticipating more another Windows. The type that is a transparent or translucent opening in a wall or door that allows the passage of light and, if not closed or sealed, air and sound. The ones that are usually glazed or covered in some other transparent or translucent material like float glass. Those things that are held in place by frames, which prevent them from collapsing in. Many of these glazed objects may be opened, to allow ventilation, or closed, to exclude inclement weather.

Yep.  The Southern Star Windows.
These are the ones that we've been anticipating.
And they have arrived.
They have been installed.

And yes, I'm happy with them.

I had my regular meeting with my SS this morning.  Also had the privilege of meeting for the first time our CM (Construction Manager).  He came over to meet me.  Why?  Maybe, just making sure that his customers are happy and well looked after by the SS.  There are other reasons.  But all I can say is, it pays to know what's in your contract and construction plans by heart.

But hey, I got more photos of our place.  Windows, doors and more windows.  Just click on the link below to expand this page.  Enjoy!  And have another good weekend ahead!!!

Looks like there's not much happening from a distance.
Tradie on the roof installing the fascia
That's my SS on the left, can't show his face.  And there's my front window (study/guest bedroom). It's an aluminium awning window with mock casement.  Pretty, huh?
And there's the window from inside the house.  This is the Study/Guest Bedroom at the ground floor.

And here's the Study/Guest Bedroom Ensuite.  Notice the two long/thin windows, in between will be where the vanity and basin will be.  Far left will be where the shower is.  Notice that there's water pooling on where the shower base will be.  I shall get my SS to have that drained.
Ah, the access door (frame) to the garage.
The Sitting Room.  Had two windows replaced with French Doors with sidelights.
Aluminium French Doors, these are.  Yes, they're manufactured by Southern Star Windows, as well.
Went thru the Laundry and the Butler's Pantry (no windows), and thru to the Kitchen.
There's the Kitchen, horizontal windows above/in-line with where the benchtop would be.  Actual window  has not been installed, yet.  Still on the ground.
Ah, there's my front entry door (frame).  On the kitchen floor?
And here are the Tri-Sliding Doors, too.
The Family Room.  We had the sliding windows, replaced with two long aluminium awning windows.  I'm hoping I can fit a large LCD/LED Smart TV on the wall between the windows.  My better half wants to put a TV here so she can watch her favourite shows while she's in the kitchen.
The Dining Room.  We had two windows replaced with a big, fixed picture windows with 2 mullions.  I was expecting a taller window than this.  But this is the right size, as what was written in the contract.  I was trying to imagine a floor-to-ceiling window then.

But, it's all good.  At least it aligns with the top of the horizontal window on the other side.  This is also an aluminium awning window.  Do you know how much timber windows cost?
Hallway to entrance foyer.
Standing where the Outdoor Room would be.  They haven't put up the roof trusses, yet.  Not until they finish their work above it first.

Shiver me, large timbers!!!  These are horizontal beams intended for the Outdoor Room.

View from the back of the house.  Here's the side elevation (garage side).
And yes, we got windows on the first floor of the house, as well!!! Shame that my SS didn't allow me to go upstairs - Work Safe regulation.  Next time.
I also have contacted our independent building inspector. Booked our first (of three) inspection for next week.  This will be the frame stage inspection.  Hopefully, it will turn out well.  Don't want to see any structural issues.  But it would be interesting to know what they'll find (or uncover).


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