Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 64: Roof's on and so do the bricks

We got the roof tiles on!!! And some brickworks, too!!!

Had our regular meeting this morning with our SS, and had to wait a bit as more sand has just been delivered for the brickies to use.  Wow, it's progressing quite well, I would say.  I was only expecting to see the roof tiles and didn't expect to see bricks being laid already.  Our SS didn't allow us to go in and have a sticky-beak.  Best that we stay out for now, we're told,  as he's got 8 bricklayers (yes, 8; not 2, not 4, but 8 brickies) currently working on the site.  Apparently, he would need to get them to stop working if non-tradespeople have to have a look-see.  Work Safe.  Better just let them keep on working.  Maybe next time, we'll time our site visits/status meeting during their break period.  At the moment, I'm happy just to take photos from the outside.  Besides, not much more to see inside from the last time we visited, so my SS told me.  The roof structure in the Dining and Outdoor rooms (rear of the house) are still not up.  They'll have that done once the scaffolding are down.  Nevertheless, we're still very happy to see the roof tiles are up, and brickworks are well underway. Yay!!!

And here's how our house is shaping up so far.  This is Day 64 (from Site Start) ...

Love that front entrance, though, with sidelights on each side of the door.  Notice all the bricks on the foreground?  That's from the Selkirk Macedon range (and so we believe; bit darkish, but our SS says it will lighten up once the moisture's dissipated). They've started laying them on the left-side of the house, as well.

The Selkirk Macedon.  Here's what we're hoping it will look like.  Might need to go back tomorrow and pinch a brick.  Have to verify if it's the Macedon.

Still missing the main bedroom's window and french doors upstairs.  Not sure when's the balcony, front portico and facade will be put up.  Could be after the lock-up stage.

Also missing the big window in the Leisure room upstairs.  Hadn't had the chance to go upstairs from my last 2 visits.  Need to check if the windows on the side have obscure glazing (Rescode).  Otherwise, Metricon would need to install some translucent film on those windows.  Neighbour won't be happy if they're not obscured.  I will be, though.  But, I'm a good neighbour, and so I will do the right thing, right?

That's a 600mm Eave.  Roof tiles are Boral Macquarie - Gunmetal colour.  Guttering's colour is Monument; and the Fascia is Dune.  Window frames are of Dune colour, as well.  What do you think?


  1. Very nice! The house is really starting to take shape now. We've also chosen Monument gutters and Dune fascia - nice to see it, looks great! Looking forward to seeing all the bricks up and cleaned.

  2. Thanks, Nat. Yes, we're all looking forward to seeing all the bricks up and cleaned, as well. We're keeping our fingers crossed that we made the right choice of brick colour (Macedon) and mortar colour (natural) combination. Judging by the current colour of the bricks, we're sort of wishing that we have chosen Off-White (off-white sand/white cement) mortar colour to make the bricks stand out a bit. But, we'll see how it goes.

    1. Can you please upload new pic of ur house, we've also selected Macedon just wondering how will it look like.

  3. Roof tiles are good choice. They have high hail damage tolerance, can sustain strong winds, and have fantastic energy conservation. They could last up to their maximum life span (around 50 years) if the tiles are posed with foam adhesives. =)

    Missie Rice